Maid My Day FAQs

No, you do not need to be in your dorm or apartment during the clean. However, if you do not plan to be there, you must give us instructions for how the cleaning representative can get in. Some suggestions include hiding your key or putting it in the leasing office. Note: if the representative shows up and is unable to get in, you are responsible for paying the full price of the clean.

We ask that you give us 24 hour notice if you need to cancel a clean. If you do not give us 24 hour notice, you are responsible for paying the full price of the clean.

Once your order the clean, within around 24 hours, we will email you back offering a time based on your availability.

We offer add ons because we understand your apartment may have more rooms than our standard includes. You can add on additional bedrooms or bathrooms, and these will get the same clean that an included bedroom or bathroom would get.

If you leave out a bag of clean laundry (or a comparable amount of laundry), our cleaning reps will fold the laundry or hang it up in your closet.

You can pay with a credit card on our website or with your Venmo. We use Stripe to securely handle credit cards. For Venmo, we will Venmo request you after the clean. If you do not complete the payment request within three days, you will incur a $5 late fee.

Yes, but please email us first at [email protected] We will confirm with the reps that they are comfortable with these tasks and decide if they will require an extra fee. If the task requires equipment that our reps do not usually carry with them, we ask that you supply the necessary materials.

Yes, we offer after event cleans as well for this purpose. If you book a Standard clean and your space is deemed messier than a typical apartment, you may incur additional costs due to the labor and supplies the cleaning representatives will use.